Diego Peinador

I work for iPhoneDroid, so check out their website for other examples of apps I've worked on. This page lists personal or side projects that are in a fit state to share.

Extreme Jigsaw Puzzle

Extreme Jigsaw Puzzle is an iPad game built upon the idea of making a realistic jigsaw puzzle generator. You can create any size jigsaw puzzles (until the device runs out of memory) from the images of the store or from your own images. The app is free so you can test it; later, if you like it, pay an in-app purchase to access your photos or download paid ones from the store.

Tajamar Balloon Challenge

Last year, we launched our first HAB (High Altitude Balloon) in the GSBC contest. We had a very good time and learnt a lot. This time, we are not participating in the contest, but we are launching another one. We've been working in new features, like streaming live video. If you want to know more check the web page (it is in spanish, sorry).